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Ignition Youth News 12/13/10

It's an Ugly Sweater Christmas party, Ignition youth!
by Wes Olsen
     This week we will be having our youth group on Tuesday, to accommodate the basketball game on Wednesday and this week is our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! What will we be doing, you ask? Great question!

     We will be celebrating the gift of life through the remembrance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished by worshiping Jesus, wearing ugly sweaters, sharing food, and a gift exchange game told through the nativity story. I am praying that even though we will be having fun and fellowship, that we will not lose sight that we are celebrating the incarnation of God, Jesus.

     The Incarnation of God, literally means God in flesh. This means God became a man, Jesus, came down to us, to do only what He can do - rescue us. Through Jesus Christ, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, so that if we repent of our sins, put our trust in His saving grace, we will have eternal life! That God's rescue plan was finally put into motion one late spring/early summer day over 2,000 years ago as an obedient young lady, Mary, and a courageous man, Joseph, submitted themselves to God's great plan. They became parents to Emmanuel, God with us, and He certainly was.

     I thank God this Christmas season, as I look past the decorations, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and gifts and see Jesus, not as a baby but as Glorious Savior, Lord and King of Heaven and Earth! I encourage you to give thanks too, by stopping everything and thinking about what life would be like if Jesus had never been born, and give Him praise that He did and is still alive and active today! Amen.

       We will meet in the North Foyer and Sanctuary of Shorewood Foursquare Church at 6:30pm on Tuesday. Everyone needs to bring food and drink to share and a wrapped gift that is gently used or new and no more than $10. Please do not bring bad gifts like an empty box of donuts, because God does not give us empty or useless gifts. Also, just for fun please wear the ugliest sweater you have to the party. This is mostly for laughs, but also so you don't have to lie when your relative that gave you the sweater asks you this Christmas season if you ever wore it, you won't have to lie (which is a sin). It will be fun!

Important Information
  • Youth Group will be on Tuesday December 14th. We will meet in the North Foyer and Sanctuary at Shorewood Foursquare Church. This day change is to accommodate the High School Basketball game!!!
  • There will be a Christmas vacation break from youth group for the rest of December after Tuesday. Enjoy your time, family and gifts and we will resume in January. 
  • We need help with scheduling parents for snacks. We have a lot of youth coming on Wednesdays and need parents to help us. Your youth can even pick it out to share! Also, if you are unable to help by bringing a snack we will also take donations, and go to the store for snacks ourselves.
  •  Shorewood Foursquare Church will be having a Christmas Eve service starting at 7:00pm. Come worship and celebrate with us!
  • Joe Arrants will be having a CD Release Party, January 8th at 6pm.

    Reject, Receive or Redeem Santa Claus.
     I spent a lot of time early in my Christian walk, thinking about Christmas and all the ways we turn good things into god things and thus making them bad things. This included what I tell my kids about Santa and if I should have a Christmas tree. I did not want to be an idol worshiper because honestly I love God and I think stones would hurt if they were hurled at my head.
     Maybe you too are always wondering or thinking about this and what we should do as Christians in this culture and especially what we should do about the non-Christ things that Christmas sometimes becomes. May I submit to you this wonderful article by Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church from the Washington Post. Enjoy:
What We Tell Our Kids About Santa

Also see: 
Why Christians Go Postal Over Facebook, Jay-Z, Yoga, Avatar, and Culture in General

by Trina Mannery

        Fall is here and we are all settling into our new schedules - school, sports and youth group!
        We are so very excited to be serving the youth, sharing time with them and growing together as we hear Gods call in our lives!
        Part of our evening is to provide the youth with a snack. Not only does a snack give them something to munch on, but provides them with valuable time to socialize and build relationships.

To do this, we need your help!
How can I Help?
        We need every family to help by providing snack one evening throughout the year. Since we have an average of 50-60 youth, we are asking 2 families to bring snack each night. Your responsibility will be to bring enough snack for 30 youth. We have lots of families so if every family contributes; we should only need your contribution once this year.

What do I need to do?
        Please contact Trina Mannery at 206-550-9298 or She will work with you to set up a date for you to bring snack on a week that will work for your schedule.

What should I bring?
       This can be homemade or store bought. Fruit and vegetables, cheese and crackers or cookies, brownies etc. Shop the sales! What's in the pantry? (Hint: They are teenagers, they love it all!)

Should I bring drinks too?
        You may provide drinks if you like, but we can provide water and that seems to work well.

How would you like the snack to come?
        Please bring the snack prepared and ready to serve. Also, please remind your youth to bring home your containers.

My schedule is crazy and I have a hard time preparing a snack, is there any other way I can help?
        Yes! If you would like to help and just don't have the time to provide a ready to eat snack, you can donate $10 to our snack fund. This fund can be used on days when we don't have anyone scheduled to provide a snack.
Thank you so much for coming along side us to help us love on and serve your kids!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Trina

God Bless You!
Important Dates
12/14/10, Youth Group - Ugly Sweater Christmas Party12/22/10 & 12/29/10, No Youth Group - Have a great Christmas!1/05/11, Youth Group
We thank God for each and every one of you,

Shorewood Foursquare Ignition Youth Ministry Staff

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